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Hospital environment is a critical and extremely sensitive area that require continuous aerial decontamination for safety of patients and healthcare personnel. SteriAir ® FTSS system is a robust aerial decontamination system for hospital setups. It consists of an Air Filtration Unit and an Air Decontamination Unit. The Filtration Unit comprises of filters such as HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Nano TiO2 Filter, Pre-Filter and UV Lamps.

The Air Decontamination Unit uses Flash Thermodynamic Thermal Sterilisation System (FTSS). The air passing through the unit gets subjected to a heat of 200°C. Any microbes present get killed instantly.

Internationally certified microbiology labs and universities have tested FTSS Technology and confirmed its extraordinary efficiency.

With over 1000 installations across India, Steri-Air® FTSS is the go-to device for environmental decontamination for any hospital setup.

Product Features:

  • A compact environmental decontamination system

  • Modular Design for easy adaptation to room air-flow dynamics

  • Continuous filtration and decontamination modes

  • Multistage mechanical filtration to trap 99.97% particles up to 0.3 microns

  • TiO2 photocatalyst for decontamination booster and removal of organic compounds

  • Dual curved UV Lamps for germicidal effect

  • Dual activated carbon filters for buffer VOC adsorption capacity

  • Continuous online auditing of UV and HEPA

  • Controller for programming and control as per user requirement

FTSS Technology:

  • The FTSS Technology is independently tested by numerous renowned ISO 17025 laboratories in real working conditions.

  • The module is maintenance free with fast performance. Microorganism reduction starts within 15 minutes.

  • Completely silent, the system has a low energy consumption. This clean and environmentally friendly technology is Ozone free and ion free.

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