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Surface contamination is one of the most important factors for spread of infection. Polti® Sani System is a highly sophisiticated equipment for rapid steam disinfection of any such surface. 

Designed and built entirely in Italy, it is ideal for large and small spaces, such as hospitals, offices, clinics, cabins, studios, beauty salons, cars, etc. Its compact dimensions allow it to be used easily even in limited spaces.

The superheated dry saturated steam generated using the Polti® Sani System reaches an outlet temperature of up to 180°. This steam is capable of killing up to 99.999%* of viruses, germs, bacteria, fungi, and spores.

The steam is almost completely free of liquid particles and comes out in the form of a cloud, enveloping the surfaces to be disinfected. The generated steam can disinfect hard to reach surfaces and the spacer ensures 10 cm distance for disinfection. This spacer ensures that there is no cross contamination during the disinfection process. 

The generated steam is doused in HPMed (Surfactant) that enhances the activity of steam. HPMed acts as an adjuvant for the sanitizing action of the steam and it can be used in the presence of people and animals. It is also highly effective against bad odours.

Quick & Frequent Disinfection:

  • Polti® Sani System is the ideal tool to carry out disinfection numerous times a day.

  • Its compact dimensions allow it to be easily used even in limited spaces or in small environments, such as offices, clinics, cabins, studios, beauty centres, cars, etc.

  • It is highly recommended for critical areas such as hospitals as it has the potential to disinfect any surface.

No Contact With Surfaces:

  • Thanks to the spacer integrated in the gun, Polti® Sani System steam is delivered at 10 cm from the surface and acts without direct contact thus avoiding the risk of cross-infection.

  • The spacer ensures added safety for the user during operation of the system.

Rapid Action:

  • Reusable rooms at end of steam operation

  • Saturated, dry, and superheated steam disinfects the surfaces in a few seconds and dries quickly without leaving residues

  • No further action is required.

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