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Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) is a scientific approach to protect people from disease causing germs. Good infection control should be effective, yet simple to implement. Hospital infection control focuses on preventing nosocomial or healthcare associated infection.

As per WHO and USFDA reports, the rate of nosocomial infections in developed countries varies between 5-9%. There is no recorded data for the rate of nosocomial infections in India. It is an immediate challenge to tackle the spread of hospital acquired infections.

Infection Prevention & Control includes prevention, monitoring and management of spread of infection in a healthcare environment.

For more than 15 years, Faith Group has been introducing innovative cutting edge technologies with a goal to improve infection control practices.

Product Portfolio

Steri Gen Product Image.png

Sterigen® Disinfectant Generation System

An on-site generator, that uses our proprietary technology to produce an all-purpose disinfectant: Sterigen®-SOS

Sterigen-SOS-Product Images.png

Sterigen® SOS

An organic disinfectant that is effective, fast acting, safe and economical. 

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Polti® Sani System

Rapid disinfection of any surface using the power of steam

Steri Fog Product.png

Sterifog® ULV Fogger

Fogger that can achieve true Ultra Low Volume (ULV) fogging. Compatible with any water based disinfectant.

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Steri-Air® FTSS

Air decontamination systems for highly vulnerable spaces like hospitals and clinics.

ACDM Product image.png

Steri-Air® ACDM

Cutting edge aerial decontamination system for centrally air-conditioned spaces.


An antimicrobial surface coating that provides round the clock protection from germs for 180 days or more.

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F-Shield 365

An anti microbial coating treatment that provides round the clock surface protection against all kinds of microbes for 365 days or more.

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