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Aerial Contamination is one of the most prominent cause for spread of diseases. Air borne microbes and dust particle are some of the frequent aerial contaminants. Indoor air quality is known to be 70 times more polluted than outdoor air due to these contaminants.

Conventional air purification systems have failed to solve this recurrent problem. Steri-Air ® air purification system is a unique and modern approach in continuous protection against aerial pollutants. Steri-Air® ACDM is an easy-to-use AC mounted environmental decontamination system. These systems are designed for improving the quality of indoor air in the hospitals, offices, etc.

Each Steri-Air® ACDM system is designed according to the need of the customer. With a combination of technologies, this system is the perfect solution for air purification of any indoor space.

Steri-Air® ACDM combines three cutting edge air decontamination technologies that complement each other, providing a comprehensive air quality management solution- UV Germicidal Irradiation, Nano TiO2 Filter & PCI Cluster.

UV Germicidal Irradiation:

  • Device comes fitted with industry leading high intensity UV lamps that has a 90% Kill Rate of Virus and Bacteria per passing of air through the system

  • Up to 99% microbicidal efficacy over time

  • Easy Replacement

  • Steri-Air ® UV Plus has a life of up to 20,000 hours


Nano TiO2 Filter:

  • In the presence of UV, Nano-TiO2 gets activated and it generates Hydroxyl (OH-) ions from air and humidity

  • It can generate up to 1 million OH- ions per cubic centimetre per filter

  • OH- acts as a powerful oxidizing agent that kills all microorganisms including viruses

PCI Generator:

•Plasma Cluster Ion (PCI) technology for Air Quality Management.

•PCI generates millions of -vely and +vely charged ions

•They act on all suspended particles and convert them into filterable clumps

•Steri-Air® ACDM comes fitted with up to 4 efficiency tested PCI generators

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